ansehen: SC4 Startup Manager v2.1.2 (english) by JeanLucPicard2

SC4 Startup Manager v2.1.2 (english) by JeanLucPicard2

SimCity 4 Startup Manager is a small tool that can associate certain plugin folders with a region. With one click the region with the appropriate plugins can be loaded in SimCity 4. Intricately moving or renaming of the plugins folders "by hand" is no longer necessary.


Region profiles

You can create arbitrary region profiles and assign different plugins folders to them. By clicking on a profile, SimCity 4 automatically starts and loads the selected plugins only. In addition, the opened region is stored with each region profile, so each profile can be associated with any region, which is then loaded automatically by starting SimCity 4.

Development profiles

You can assign different plugins folders to development profiles, as well as to the region profiles. However, SimCity 4 is not started, but a development program, if desired. Therefore, arbitrary development programs can be defined, such as the Lot Editor or the Plugin Manager.

Plugin management

The plugins are managed by using two folders:

  • "Plugins" (the normal plugins folder, these plugins are to be loaded by SimCity 4)
  • "PluginsDisabled" (here all plugins are placed, which are not assigned to the active profile)

The program automatically detects all plugins and manages them as desired. All profiles control both the plugins folder in SimCity's installation folder and the plugins folder in "My Documents".