ansehen: SC4 Startup Manager 3.0 (english) by JeanLucPicard2

SC4 Startup Manager 3.0 (english) by JeanLucPicard2

SimCity4 Startup Manager is a small tool making it possible to associate certain plugin folders with a region. With one click the region with the appropriate plugins can be loaded in SimCity 4. Intricately moving or renaming of the plugins folders “by hand” is no longer necessary.


Region profiles

A profile is simply a configuration of which plugin directories should be used and which should not be used when running SimCity 4. You can create arbitrary region profiles and assign different plugins (sub-)folders to them. By clicking on a profile or a region's city, SimCity 4 starts  automatically and loads the selected plugins only.

Development profiles

You can create several development profiles, similar to the region profiles. However, SimCity 4 is not started, but a development program, if desired. Therefore, arbitrary development programs can be defined. This is useful for cleaning out the plugins folder temporarily when you're working with the Lot Editor.

Plugin management

Normally, the plugin folders aren't moved anymore like in the previous version. Instead, the File System Control Manager will be started. While running, the FSCM prevents all file accesses to the deselected plugin folders. If the initialization of this method to hide the files fails, the files will still be moved.

The Region City Raster Editor — editing the “config.bmp” file

The StartupManager offers you the possibility to create new regions, where you can define the size of the new region and the cities' positions. Furthermore, it is possible to reorganize or enlarge an existing region. The “region city raster editor” is basically an enhanced editor for the “config.bmp” file used by SimCity 4 to define the region's city raster. It ensures that existing cities will not be inadvertently deleted.